India's annual international fresh produce conference and expo event , organised by ASIAFRUIT in cooperation with The SCS Group, takes place on 26-27 April 2018 at the Trident Nariman Point Hotel in Mumbai. Fresh Produce India brings you a programme full of expert insights and quality networking. 

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08:30-09:30 Registration and Welcome Refreshments

09:30-09:45 Welcome to FRESH PRODUCE INDIA 2018

9:45-11:00 Plenary Session 1 (Rooftop room):

India: the changing consumer landscape

India’s young and dynamic consumer market is evolving rapidly. Modern retail is extending its reach into second- and third-tier cities. Digital channels are increasing their influence. What are the opportunities for fresh produce marketers to partner with retailers on category creation? How can farmers and marketers make the most of the consumer-direct channels that are emerging? How do consumer demands differ from region to region and how can marketers tailor their offerings accordingly?

  • Filip Fontaine, BelOrta, BELGIUM
  • Devangshu Dutta, Third Eyesight, INDIA    
  • K Radhakrishan,, INDIA


12:30-14:00 Networking Lunch at FRESH PRODUCE INDIA EXPO

14:00-15:00 Workshop Sessions

Workshop 2:

Purposeful packaging: from preservation to marketing 

India’s fresh produce business is discovering the power of packaging, right from protecting and preserving fruit to merchandising product and adding value to the consumer offering. We showcase some of the latest advances in the field, and looks at their potential application in the Indian market.

  • Gary Ward, Stepac, ISRAEL 

Workshop 1:

New supply sources for India’s apple market    

India’s apple importers are prospecting for new supply sources to meet ever-growing demand. Turkey and Iran are already benefiting from the recent closure of the market to Chinese apples. Longer-term, opportunities could develop for Germany, Portugal and Greece, which all recently gained access to the market. This session explores the options available to Indian buyers and considers the commercial prospects for a range of suppliers.

  • Gagan Khosla, NGK Trading, INDIA
  • Aysel Oguz, Anadolu Etap Penkon, TURKEY


16:00-17:30 Workshop Sessions

Workshop 4:

Building the berry category  

Berries have become big business for the global fresh produce business, but India remains largely uncharted territory for international players. What are the opportunities and challenges to developing the berry category in India, from developing domestic production of proprietary varieties to promoting imports?

  • Parth Karvat, Yupaa, INDIA
  • Tracey Burns, Freshmax, NEW ZEALAND

Workshop 3:

Fresh solutions to India’s cold chain challenge   

This session looks at how the logistics landscape is evolving at a macro-level in India, while zoning in on some of the investments and initiatives that are making a difference for fresh produce distributors and marketers.  





17:30-19:30 Cocktail Reception



09:00-10:30 Plenary Session 2 (Rooftop room)

Linking the chain: the future of Indian horticulture 

The Indian government has a mission to double farmer incomes by 2020. Horticulture has a vital role to play in reaching this goal, but there needs to be a whole-of-chain approach that integrates farmers and connects them to the end-consumer. An expert panel explores the keys to developing commercial horticulture in India, educating farmers and improving their returns. What role do government agencies, corporate institutions and technology solutions have to play?

10:30-14:00 Fresh Produce India Expo opens

11:30-12:30 Workshop Sessions

Workshop 6:

Creating a sustainable future for Indian grapes

While India’s table grape export industry has great potential in global markets, a disastrous 2017 campaign has underlined the need to review how it does business. What can India learn in best practice from the likes of Chile and Peru? How can India bring more transparency to the trade by developing real-time information systems to track shipments? What are the opportunities in new varieties and markets? Industry experts share their vision of the future for India’s table grape exports.

  • Geoff Green, Capespan, UK
  • Andreas Schindler, Don Limón, GERMANY

Workshop 5:

Investment models for Indian horticulture

India’s fresh produce business needs investment to establish infrastructure and technologies to capitalise on the huge opportunities in front of it. Agribusiness finance experts highlight some of the key areas ripe for investment, and discuss the most effective methods of sourcing equity for India’s horticulture start-ups. We also look at case studies of some of the leading players to attract investment, and hear about their journeys.

  • Kushal Agrawal, Aspada Investment Advisors, INDIA
  • Asish Puri, Avalon Consulting, INDIA


12:30-14:00  Networking Lunch at Fresh Produce India Expo  

14:00 Fresh Produce India Expo Closes

14:30-18:00 TOURS 

  • Retail track: Visit to Crawford Market and the upmarket street vending/markets.
  • Market track: Visit to Vashi Wholesale Market in Navi Mumbai.